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A glimpse of Gelson during his late-20s.

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about Gelson Luz

Gelson holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and post-graduation in welding. He operates as a consultant, fabrication inspector, educator, and manages this website.

Engineering’s Blog

The Engineering Blog caters to students, technicians, and engineers. Its aim is to simplify engineering theory, making it accessible even to those who haven’t studied engineering before.

Based on Gelson’s experience, readers benefit significantly when unnecessary technical jargon is omitted for clarity. For instance, replacing terms like ‘tenacity’ with ‘impact resistance’ often enhances understanding for a broader audience.

Material’s Blog

The material’s blog serves as an invaluable resource hub catering to students within the realms of material engineering and chemistry. It functions as a comprehensive repository offering simplified access to intricate material-related information. Through comparisons, it illuminates the diverse landscape of materials, elucidating their distinct characteristics and practical applications.

Interested in hiring Gelson Luz?

Gelson provides comprehensive welding and quality control consulting to help companies improve processes, reduce defects, and ensure that their equipment meets specifications.

His services include reviewing blueprints and specifications before production runs to identify potential quality issues early on. During production, he conducts on-site inspections and quality audits, monitors welding, NDT, and other critical processes. He then identifies deviations or defects, opens reports (NCRs), and recommends corrective actions to avoid further issues and schedule delays.

Use one of this contact channels to send a message to Gelson. Please provide a brief description of the problem and what you expect his contribution to be.

Gelson is fluent in both Portuguese and English. Additionally, he has a basic proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish and French.